Greetings from Koycegiz, Turkey!

Saturday, August 3, 2002
After 2 weeks we have finally left Greece! The islands were beautiful, the beaches were great and we loved it there. But, the Greeks just don't want you to be there, you really get the feeling sometimes that they just want your euros and they could care less if you enjoy the country or not. Most foreigners living in Greece say the only thing they would change about the country is to get rid of the Greeks and it would be a perfect place to live! One woman actually told me to hurry up and pay and get out of her way she had other stuff to do! Ah well, we loved it anyway.

Turkey has a completely different attitude. They are thrilled you are visiting and they actually have a saying that you are NOT a tourist, you are a guest in their country. It really does seem that way too! We arrived a few days ago from the ferry where we met 4 people that we we will spending a whole week with. 2 Canadians and 2 Australians. We went cycling the first day to a nearby waterfall. Yesterday we took a boat tour around the lake and went to some mud baths, a sulfur spring and swimming in the lake!

We got to witness some real Turkish dancing last night too - they guy who ran the boat tour took the six of us - 5 girls, one guy - to his favorite local bar. Also, we had this cheese at the bar and wanted to take home the leftovers and apparently this is a very uncommon request even though they obliged. But, they had no takeaway containers. So, he let us take the cheese and tonight we are bringing back the plate it's on! It was pretty funny. Now, for those of you who get Carla's email, she claims to have had too much Raki last night - a Turkish drink smilar to Uzo - but just to clarify, it was only one drink!! Don't worry Suzanne, I look out for her!

Tomorrow we are headed to a four day, 3 night boat cruise down the Turkish mediterranean coast. We are going will the 4 others we met on the ferry! We meet most of our new friends on ferries, it's quite the social atmosphere!

Thanks so much to everyone who has written to me, I will respond soon enough but right now I'm going hiking in Feriye!


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