West Coast Road Trip!

Sunday, January 12, 2003
Christmas and New Year's has come and gone and so has most of my stay on the West Coast. I spent New Year's in Vancouver and then met up with some friends that I met in Turkey! It was great to reunite - thanks for having us all up to Vancouver Island! Mr. and Mrs. Nicklin, thanks for the moose meat! Marnie, thanks for letting all five of us pile into your living room in the middle of the night! I miss you guys already....

I learned to snowboard for the first time at Mt. Washington where there was 12 feet of snow. The hydro electric power went out for the morning, but eventually came back on and the lifts were running once again. When our short Canadian stay came to an end, Carla, John, Caroline and I took a ferry over to Washington State. It was the ferry's farewell voyage... we felt lucky to arrive in one piece considering all the noise this boat was making. A little boy kept trying to give away all the food leftover in the snack bar; anything for a little entertainment, right?

On the drive back down the coast I stopped in at Seattle, Portland, toured Mt. St. Helens and hiked through trails in the Redwood Forest. Those are some BIG trees. Tonight I'm off to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch before I take off for Ecuador - first stop Macchu Picchu. Thanks for all the notes and emails everyone... see you soon back at home!!

Love, Alison


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