Travelling in Tasmania

Friday, November 15, 2002
As it turns out, I was born to drive on the left side of the road! We drove endlessly around Tasmania for 10 days, putting over 2500 kilometers on the cute little copper colored Toyota we rented. Our Tasmanian friend, Bridget, who we met in Greece gave us detailed information about where and what we should do while in Tassie. AND, we met up with her parents for lunch, AND her brother took us out to his favorite bar. Thanks, Bridget!!

Since I did most of the driving, it was inevitable that SOMETHING would go wrong. All in all we survived... but alas, the possum did not. I hit an animal for the first time. My first roadkill. Poor little guy, he looked terrified as I ran him over. I was traumatized for a few minutes, but the mourning period was short. Then, 10 minutes before we left Tasmania a very large metal sign fall off a roof and onto the car. It left this huge scrape down the side. We were convinced that we'd have to pay for it, somehow they managed to overlook it though. Oh, and did I mention Carla locked the keys in the trunk?? She claims they "fell into the trunk". Roight-o.

We also hashed four times and spent the majority of our time with hashers. They were always organizing something for us - seeing a band, letting stay at their place, taking us out for lunch or even lending us a spare mobile phone! Thanks Paul, Sean, Juan, Bridget's family and Grizzly! Tasmania just might be the friendliest place I have ever been.

Not too much more to tell, but here's a few details...

  1. While hiking in Freycinet National Park we saw a whale and her calf in Wineglass Bay.
  2. Buying Tasmanian tiger souvenir socks at the Chardonnay Hash in Hobart.
  3. Going to the historic town of Ross and getting lots of Ross souvenirs for our friend Ross in Melbourne who went to the airport FOUR times for us. "My friends went to Ross and all they got me was this lousy t-shirt..."
  4. Talking about the meaning of life, love, and happiness with Carla and Juan in a bar until 4 am.
That's all... until the New Zealand installment where I'll tell you about the car we just bought!

Love from Alison!!


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