Hello from Slovakia!

Wednesday, July 17, 2002
Carla and I just arrived into Bratislava, Slovakia today. We just spent a few days in Prague staying with our friend Geri. She was so hospitable and welcoming! We did some sightseeing at the castle, in the Old Town Square, crossed the Charles Bridge, and took some paddle boats around the river. We ate goulash, played volleyball in the park as well as blew a fuse in Geri's apartment when we tried to do our laundry. We spent the weekend in a place called Kutna Hora with our running club - what a fun weekend! We ran in a town one of the runners is from. We met her cousins, her Dad, and her sister, and we met tons of people from the hash who were in town from all over Europe!

There's a place in the town called the Bone Church - apparently there were so many people during midevil times who were dying of Black Death that there was nowhere to bury the bones.... so a half blind priest used them as decor around the church. It was very bizarre, photos later!

Last night we ran with the hash again... I recruited my friend Zhenya who I met in St. Petersburg a few months ago (Hi Zhenya!). It was really humid, but it was great. We also realized that a few others from the club were headed to Bratislava today for work or other commitments, so we are having a few drinks tonight with them.

We had planned to be headed to Greece today. It was a 55 hour train trip from Prague... and we booked it. But yesterday I realized that the train crossed through Yugoslavia. Americans need transit visas (which we don't have) to pass through, so we had to refund our tickets! It's probably for the best anyway. We are hoping to book a flight today to still get there by this weekend!

Alright, I have to get going so we can check out the castle looming over this internet cafe!

Love, Alison

PS. Has anyone been to Egypt? We are trying to find out about Nile cruises and possibly tours. It would be great if anyone had any info. Thanks!


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